Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A good way to begin

I’ve been amusing myself with paper for about nine months now, but I only put in my first order with Stampin’ Up on Tuesday. Disaster struck about twelve hours after that when I tried to mount my first set of stamps (because my demonstrator is a sweetie who gave me a hostess gift set so I could start playing without having to wait for my order). I was testing out the newest addition to my booty when I noticed this.

I was displeased. The logical solution, of course, was to take a blade to the offending piece of plastic and cut it off. A note for those of you who may find yourself in a similar position in the future:

1- Yes, the plastic will come away if you cut if with a blade. My stamps had only been mounted for a little while though. I wouldn’t suggested leaving it for more than an hour.

2- You are also likely to cut into your own thumb. As I did. With any luck, your brother will hear you cursing and come to the rescue then stick around to help clean up the blood. Thumbs bleed more than you might expect of such a small appendage.

Just a few things you might want to keep in mind. Y’know. In case.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One time when I was three I tried to eat sixty-three cookies. There was chocolate milk involved.

Come here and amuse yourselves watching me stumble (fall and occasionally be impaled on sharp pointy objects imported from a medieval torture chamber, just for effect) through the wonderful, colourful and beautiful world of paper-crafting.

If you're lucky, I might actually get a few things right on occasion, with pleasing results.

Yes, I am unrealistically optimistic.